What type of Storage unit do you need?

Drive-up, Dust-controlled or Climate-controlled?

Many people just figure that a storage unit is a storage unit, right? Ten-foot square room, concrete floor, door at the front? How different can they be? Well, the truth of the matter is that they can be very different! Depending on what you are storing, making the right decision now could save your belongings!

Drive-up exterior units

Most storage facilities in Lubbock are going to have just the typical drive-up unit. This is an exterior unit right on the driveway that you pull up next to, open the door and start loading your stuff in. They afford adequate protection from weather and with a good-quality disc lock, provide good security for your belongings. They do not, however, provide much protection from the infamous West Texas dust.

These units are sufficient for boxed items, appliances, most wood furniture or items that you would normally keep in your garage.

Dust-Controlled units

A dust-controlled unit is a unit that is inside a building. They provide excellent protection from weather and because they are indoors offer superior protection from dust. Dust-controlled units also afford another layer of security in that most buildings have coded access doors in order to gain entry to the units. These units are excellent for fabric furniture such as couches and mattresses as well as any electronics such as televisions, stereos and computers.

Climate-Controlled units

Climate-Controlled units afford the highest degree of protection for your belongings. In addition to the same protections afforded by dust-controlled units, climate-control maintains a standard temperature range so that your items do not get too hot or too cold. This also helps keep the humidity down to protect those antique wood items from warping. These units are best for pianos, antiques, photographs, art items, wine storage, important documents, medical supplies, video or audio tape collections, other temperature sensitive items and home furnishings.